Rough Day

I had a rough day at work today. I had drawings revision requests after drawings revision requests, I must have revised almost *all* drawings today. I had my lunch late and was already shaking from hunger as I waited for my food to be ready. I didn’t even go to the toilet the whole day. By the time we stood around yet another failed environment test set for investigation, I had every feeling that today is a Friday. The amount of work I had done so far may have worth an entire week of work.

Nevertheless, I still leave on time to fetch Heartbeat.

There was a bit of awkwardness in the air when I fetched Heartbeat today. When we were out of the daycare door, I asked Heartbeat, what is it? He said a friend refused to play with him, no matter how much he called him.


And as I buckled him up, he told me he had seen the teacher had candies and his friends got it but not him.

“Maybe the teacher wants to ask Omak first if it’s OK to give candy to you?”

“No, everyone of my friends got candy, but only one person didn’t get. It’s me.”

Double Oh.

“And during Taekwondo, everyone don’t want to play with me, so I had to play on my own.”

Triple Oh.

Heartbeat’s day is clearly 10 times worse than mine. He’s five and has already had to deal with social rejections.

In his previous school, he never felt left-out. The crowd was much smaller there, and everyone had liked him. Clearly it isn’t so at the not-so-new-anymore school.

I guess the fact that I came from a big family made me comfortable at socializing. I wasn’t afraid on my first day at school. (Oh well, my mom was teaching at the same school, nothing to be afraid of, really). Although I was never an alpha, not even cool enough to be a beta, but I did make friends and (I realized now that I) was not scared of not having one around everytime.

But that didn’t mean I don’t understand how Heartbeat felt today. Just that I don’t know what I should tell him to make him feel better.

So, I just gave him one fat long hug.

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