Work From Home: Day 1

Just know that I’m writing this because 10 years later, this will go down in Malaysia’s history as the first time a Restriction of Movement Order was enforced in Malaysia. And like probably how many other hundred thousands of people, today I’m working from home.

I was totally looking forward to this. Despite the seriousness of the current COVID-19 condition, I was bouncing at work yesterday, making sure all CAD-related items were completed, and setting up my laptop for WFH. I already had a rough plan on how my days would go by, involving me waking up early (that *obviously* didn’t happen) and cooking breakfast (that didn’t happen either because I forgot to check the vermicelli expiry date so I just served my kids cereals) and finished exercising and kids waking up later than usual.. all this to happen before the daily conference call my team planned at 9.45AM. I just did 10 steps of lunges when out came Winter, wailing, “Ommaaakkk!” at 7AM. Sleep more, can you?

Somehow I did put on good effort on prettily dressing up, even blow-drying my hair and putting on make-up because.. uhm.. nobody could see me. It’s just day one and the worst thing you want is already feeling depress and walking around in baju kelawar all day. The conference call meeting took a lot longer than expected too, as most of us were not familiar with the system. Although I think, everyone will start finding a better space in their house for the meeting tomorrow, I find it interesting to listen to everyone’s background sound, even if it means the sound of dog barking, or loud motorcycle revving. It felt like I discovered a bit more about the lives of everyone in the team.

We said goodbye to each other when it was nearly 12, citing lunch and Grab Food and I rushed to the kitchen to cook Chicken Kurma. Done with the cooking and eating and chasing Winter around because he just refuse to eat in between answering our partner’s phone call asking one question after another about samples we requested the previous week. At 3PM as I sent Winter to nap, my eyes were teary too, holding back sleepiness. At work, here is when I go down for coffee and light snack, but I really don’t dare over-eating especially when I’m not even moving a lot, given my tiny apartment.

So now I have 3 hours and a half more before I can get off work, let’s hope I can last till then.

And oh, it’s Aglio Olio for dinner. I decided on only one rice meal per day so I won’t kill myself cooking while working.

So how is your RMO plan?

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