Because I Really Need to Hit “Publish”

I tell you, I’m only writing this because Alynn Zamri asked me to, and I won’t be budging until I hit that “Publish” button.

Indeed, writing became so much more difficult once you put into consideration what the readers might think about your writings. I have a zillion things in my draft that never make it into my blog because halfway I feel like I am boring my readers with too much details.

So what had changed since last time?

1. We, Malaysians, are out of MCO and are deep into RMCO. It technically means we are still on MCO and movements are still controlled but with a lot less restrictions than last time. Masks are made compulsory nowadays, which I really find it fairly easy to comply. After months of mask-wearing, I really have gotten used to breathing in it. I like having my face covered all the time too. It made concealing my expression a lot easier. Heartbeat and Winter are doing fine with theirs too. They are not bothered having to run around in the masks. I haven’t gotten the chance to find reusable ones for them so they had been wearing surgical masks up until now.

2. Things got less busy at work for me. In case you don’t know about my job, I am a designer. Like literally a designer. My job is mainly to prepare drawings and therefore I am at the front-most of a product development cycle. There can be no mock-ups, no trials without the drawings first, you see.

OK, I cheat. I budged. Because I had to check if the rice is cooked. Haha.

Back to my job, about 90% of my job are done at the initial stage of development. Once we move to trial, there could only be very minimal changes in the design and therefore, very minimal drawing revision work. Now that we are deep in trial phase, my workload at days are next-to-none.

3. I lost almost 6KG. Remember my whole #fariniminusten hashtag? This has got nothing to do with that, but I lost almost that number anyway. I drink Americano and lift weight and exercise. I was not clear myself how I got all the determination to do it, but it happened. And yes, I am now thin. Although I have lots of fat too. But I am thin. Am I making sense?

That was about what I can write for now, because I still need to cook dinner and I figure if I don’t hit the button now and tell myself I would continue later, I may never post at all, so I’m hitting it right now and will cook dinner and will think about what better things to write for tomorrow.

Ha ha ha.

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