The Mad Hatter

What if Mad Hatter was an Alice too, once?

Through a series of prank by the other children in the village, that smallest kid was tricked into chasing that rabbit in a waistcoat with the pocket watch.

And down into the rabbit hole, he fell.

Unable to make sense of the Wonderland around him, clutching fast to the hat his father had gave him; the one he favored so much he wore it everywhere.

And years went by, with his yearning of meeting his family again appearing weird to those in Wonderland. He would made a hat after hat after hat, just to keep remembering the world he left behind.

And so they called him that Mad Hatter; who would talk rubbish and nonsense and doesn’t appear right in mind.

When, really, he was just a kid who was terrified and missed his family a lot.

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