A Story : Elle

It’s another day of spring. Although it feels much like summer already. And another boy dumped by Yonna. I really don’t get her. I never did. But I guess that’s what being twins are like; an exact copy on the outside and yet a strikingly different people deep down.

Austin is nice, but all other boys who went out with Yonna was nice too. She was never into bad boys, which is a huge relief with me because I honestly don’t have time to watch over her back; now I have to focus on not letting my grade slides. Ergh now I sound like an evil sister who thinks her grade is more important than her own sister.

She was bickering again with Alana as we made our ways to cafeteria. I’m busy ticking my assignment list off in my head that I totally tuned them both out. But then I saw Alex over at the benches and remember I had to pass the notes from previous discussion to him.

“Wait a sec!” I called out to Yonna and Alana. “I need to pass this to Alex.”

I turned around and head towards the shady bench where a group of boys are huddled over. Lynne stays close with me and I heard Yonna’s and Alana’s footsteps trailing behind.

“Alex!” I called.

He looked up. One of his friends cat-called.

“Here,” I waved a piece of pink A4 paper, silently cursing Yonna for not bringing a decent white ones with her when we went for the discussion. “You weren’t at the discussion last night, you might need this for your report.”

“Thanks!” He said, looking like he thinks I’m an alien. “You don’t have to do this, you know.”

“We are going to be graded as a team,” I cut him off before he’s going to get the wrong idea. “I don’t want your poor report to drag my grade down.”

Great! Now I sound like an evil teammate who cares more about her grade than teamwork.

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